Custom Building Work with Rodney and his team to build the home of your dreams.

We work closely with you and your architect or home designer on building the home of our dreams. We can also help you pick the perfect piece of land, assemble a strong design team, typically comprised of an architect or home designer, landscaping designer and interior designer, to make your dream home a reality.

We bring your vision to life through premium, quality construction. Much like the performance artist who “makes it look easy” or the painter who painstakingly paints the layers and underpinnings of a masterpiece so that in an instant you can see the greatness of their work, it is our attention to detail that coalesces into a beautiful, soundly built home. We build functional art.

Every Skilltech project comes together in a well organized, highly communicated critical path and is built with a sense of urgency, resulting in a smooth and steady progression of your project, real-time budget controls and on-time delivery of your new home.